Fashion Trends - Get the summer safari look!

Safari trend comes to support the military one we saw last summer. To be honest I have never been a military trend fan, but I have to admit that safari look really fascinates me!

Take your inspiration from the colors and the nature and be ready for action!  Nature and a sense of adventure are the inspiration for this look, so search your wardrobe and you will definitely find some pieces that transform you into a desert queen!

1.Leather Bag  2.Bracelet 3.Shoes 4.Dress

But a look is not complete without the final touches added by the right choice of accessories. Either minimal, or bold, each trend is defined by a series of complementary jewels, shoes, bags and headpieces. To complete your look add  statement bracelets, wedge sandals in neutral tones, head scarfs, hats and oversized sunglasses.

Find great accessories from natural materials in earth tone colors and wear them with airy shirts and  safari shorts.

1. Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet  2.Unakite Leather Wrap Bracelet 3.Natural Jute wrapped bracelet

Whether you are a vintage lover or not, you can find a wide range of  accessories to perfect a safari dress!

1.Sunglasses 2.Scarf 3.Leather Belt 4.Safari Hat

Adorable , aren't they? So... Happy Hunting! 

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  1. lovely!


  2. Love safari outfits!
    You can always find a piece so as to get the look!

  3. uuuuh! that is so fresh! Love it!

  4. love it! Especially the second and the third collection! Yummy warm colors :)

  5. Great outfits! I like especially the last, it's so classic.

  6. Gorgeous outfits!
    the last one is my favorite too!

  7. I love all your outfit choices! I can't pick which one is my favourite :)

  8. Great collection, I like the dress!
    Thank you for the kind mention of my fine silver ribbon bracelet.


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