DIY - Sea Stone Necklace

It was about time for me to be back in my blog, since lately I feel that I am not 100% present. So, today I am blogging about a new tutorial, for a wonderful bohemian necklace with sea stone and beach glasses. I have already posted how to craft unique geometrical bracelets with sea stones and cute rings. So, what is missing?

What will you need
--  Sea stone (I found one yellowish already from a tile)
--  Beach Glasses
-- Color for Ceramics
--   Paint Brush
--   A few beds from wood or bone or whatever you like
- -  Scissor
- -  Leather Cord
- -  Clear Tape
- - Dremel Tool
- - Glow for Jewelry

How to Create it….

First of all use your Dremel tool and create a whole in the stone. 

Choose your color and the pattern you want to create and put small pieces of Clear Tape in you rock in a way to create a beautiful geometric pattern. I wanted to create an asymmetrical triangle and I used only mustard yellow color.

Paint the stone in the part that is not covered with Clear Tape. Let it for a while to dry and then remove carefully the tape. Your stone is ready.

Now use your imagination to decorate it with the glasses. Just put glow on them and put them in the stone. Let them dry and go on finish your necklace.

Use the leather cord in the wholes and just make a knot on the end. Use your beads and decorate more your jewel!

Create two knots in the ends of the cord and your necklace is ready!!!!

Isn’t it adorable? 

A perfect jewel for your Summer boho outfit!

Happy crafting!

     mats mouts
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