DIY - Wear your macaroni and let's go!!!!

Well actually this is not exactly a tutorial more than a fun game/creation I have done with my princess.  A beautiful creation for young ladies and I can guarantee you that you will have much fun!!!!

So what you will need...
- Small pasta
- cord
- colors of your choice
- paint brush

Start by drawing your pasta with your colors and style of your choice. We just used olive green and pink colors and we paint them in stripes. Not something too difficult.

Let them dry for a while and your unique "beads" are ready to use!

Put them in your cord and create a pattern that you like!

Make a simple knot in one side and another knot with a pasta on the other side!

Your delicious necklace is ready!!! now I suppose I should add here a picture with the real model, my daughter.... but guess what...I couldn''t photo her! kids...yeap... so I am wearing it just in order for you to see  the final result. 

Isn't it pretty? Unique, fun to made and why not...perfect for the beach or for your girls!

Have fun... and remember wear it not eat it!!!!

       mats mouts
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  1. what fun! I remember doing this as a teen. Love the colours you chose.

  2. i remember doing this with my daughter when she was young! xo


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