Fashion Trends : Natural Tones

Hello my friends!!!

Hope your week was great and that you planning something special for tonight or for your weekend! As usual, the weekly Fashion Report is here, but today will be simple! The past week was a really messy for me and I am really tired. So to be honest I haven’t prepared anything special for today…sorry…

Since I do not feel like being glamorous today, I just created an outfit really simple, in natural tones but at the same time in bohemian style and so beautiful and unique!

A minimal maxi dress in beige or light chocola is a must for the Summer and I think that is one of the most common cloths in out wardrobe. If you combine it with accessories in the same color and with olive green details, so you will be “rock”.  This outfit will be even better if you have already done sunbathing and your skin has a beautiful chocola shade!

1. Dress 2. Necklace 3. Ring 4. Shoes

Have a wonderful weekend, full of fun and smiles!!!! And for more Friday's outfits just check Star of the East blog!!!

mats mouts


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