Fashion Trends - Dusty Colors

Hello my friends!

September is one of the best months since it is still hot enough to be dressed  in Summer mood but also is the first step to Autumn, so you can also choose an outfit in fall colors. Pastel and boho style is really cute for this season.

Tonight a friend of mine is getting married. My outfit for this event is in pastel tones, minimal and at the same time with a tone of romance. After all I love beige and grey...both dusty colors, not that bright but also perfect for a cute, romantic appearance.

1. Dress 2. Necklace 3. Crochet Clutch  4. Shoes

Have a wonderful weekend.... and if you want to check more proposals please visit Star of the East blog.

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  1. You have a superb sense of style!! I came over to follow you back and check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by and following me!

  2. So beautiful! Love the dress!


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