Travel Accommodation: The Ranch

Hello my friends!!!

The weekend is almost here and it is a great opportunity to have a short excursion. I had this chance a couple of weeks ago in a small village almost an hour away from Athens called Sofiko in Peloponissos. We lived in a Ranch!!!! Yeap… a great experience!!! A good friend of mine was getting married and the happy couple decided to have the wedding party in this Ranch… I have to admit that it was something never lived before and it was really a great time!

The place was almost a copy-paste of the Ranches we have seen in the Western films! And I enjoyed it a lot!!!

The good thing was that this place had too much to do especially my princess and at the same time to see animals that unfortunately is difficult to find in big cities. I was really excited! We did a short round with a cute train, we have fed the animals, we walked in the forest, we smelled fresh air and we tasted an amazing breakfast!

My princess also had the chance to ride a horse… and she wasn't scared at all! She actually enjoyed it…

Now that Autumn is here this is a perfect place to spend a weekend that you will always remember. We will definitely visit it again!

Have an amazing weekend!!!

mats mouts

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  1. Hey I've been wanting to go there for ages! :-D
    Thanks for the post Zina, looks like you & your beautiful girl had a lovely time ;-)

    1. The place is really beautiful Ada! We can go there together (big colgate smile!)... hahahaha

  2. I have been there almost a year ago with my two boys and we also had a great time. And of course we are planning to visit the place once more.

    Thank you for sharring!

  3. πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να πάω!!Εδώ και 2 χρόνια το λέω!! :D

    1. ειναι πολυ ομορφα και ειδικα αυτη την εποχη. Ελπίζω να τα καταφερεις :)

  4. beautiful place... to bad we are in an island ...


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