There's something about sea rocks

Hello my friends!

Isn’t great if you just participate in a giveaway and you win one of the prizes? Well I was lucky one to win a beautiful gift from a wonderful artist that I have met in etsy. A very talented lady, Tzia with beautiful floral creations and not only…  

Actually it was not exactly a giveaway, that’s why I was even more surprised when I received a convo from her to inform me that I was one of the winners. Wow… I loved the rocks because it is something pure natural that can be transmuted in everything with a little of imagination, in  something really unique.

As you can imagine I have chosen the “heart” rock… I am a romantic person, what can I say…

A beautiful, gorgeous creation that is already decorates my sideboard!!!!

Thank you Tzia! 

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  1. I'm so glad you liked your sea rock!
    I just love the feel of their weight in my hand and the smoothness of the surface. It always takes me back to the beach.


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