Fashion Trends - Glamorous Purple

Happy November!!!!

Yes…we are closer to Christmas and maybe to Winter??? I do not know, since so far here we have a really great weather, a hot Autumn. I am not complaining of course, since I am not a person who loves cold, I love sunny days and hot!

Νovember started already so beautiful! I had a cup of coffee decaf of course, a few cinnamon cookies and then an amazing post from my great friend Akamatra!  Thank you my sweet!!! 

1.Dress 2.Pendant 3.Earrings 4.Purse 4.Shoes

So for tonight or for Saturday exodus, I will choose two of my favorite colors, a wonderful combination…purple and gold. Dark Purple a beautiful color especially for this season, with gold accessories that will add a spark in your outfit. Beautiful minimal gold details, are always in fashion.

Have a wonderful Friday night and an amazing weekend!
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  1. I love Dark Purple!!!! I love bold colors and this one is an amazing color!beautiful outfit!

  2. so beautiful! I love this dress!

  3. beautiful finds! i love the earings!

  4. I'm not into gold generally but I love purple in all shades!Nice dress!

  5. great post!
    will comment back - I like the pictures.


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