Just Colors....

Α week passed from the short trip we had with good friends and their families to a wonderful place into the trees and with an amazing view to the mountain. I really tried to create only one post for this place and the memorable times we had there, but it was impossible. So why bother? After all it is really beautiful to have great posts with gorgeous subjects in the blog...so I have decided to post a few...just to make sure that you will see what an amazing place it was....

so somewhere between Lamia city and Karpenisi city, in a small forester village....the colors are so many, so beautiful, so bright and bold at the same time...something that you will always remember....

Beautiful small wooden houses into the forest...

A spectacular view of the mountains and the valley...

Trees, trees everywhere! I love Green!!!

And a wonderful blue sky...

We were lucky I guess that we have visited this place during Autumn...the colors of the trees, of the grass, of the leaves are simple amazing!

Just Green, Brown and sparks of Orange...

Crystal, cold water...

And when the day ends... a "rainbow" on the horizon!

Have a wonderful Monday, an amazing new week full of colors and smiles!!!!

          mats mouts
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  1. απλά ζηλεύω!!!!!!!

  2. Θέλω να πάω εκεί τώρα!

  3. Gorgeous!Karpenissi is one of my most beloved places in Greece!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is beyond beautiful, Zina!

  5. What an amazing place!!!I so want to be there right now!It seems so peaceful!

  6. Πολύ όμορφο μέρος!!!


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