Our Weekend....

Good Morning my friends!!!

Happy new week! How was your weekend? I hope your batteries are fully charged!!!

I have to admit that even thought I have heard about Instagram, I never used it so far. I have seen from my friends so many amazing photos sharing from Instagram, so I have decided to give it a try. And I love it!

So what I have to share with you??? Beautiful and Memorable moments from my weekend!!!

-A wonderful purple gift from my princess... priceless of course!!!
-A great walk with my hubby in Athens's Centre and of course the delicious hamburger I got with Gruyere cheese, red peppers and an amazing sauce with sweat onions!!!
- An entertaining theatre with dolls that I have seen with my princess and a couple of great friends! We enjoyed it so much...more to come I hope!
- The racks in my princess room... yeap we finally put them on their place! I love how the room looks right now... and the handmade crochet we decorate also, made by my friend Akamatra, is really unique and gorgeous!!!
- A cup of hot decaf coffee with my family and a few good friends!!! 

Pleasures are so simple to find them, but they create so beautiful memories and feelings that you always want to have! I hope more to come for everyone!!!

So smile and have a wonderful week!!!

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  1. Small pleasures bring great joy!AriadnefromGreece!


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