Insta Weekend #6

Hello my friends!!!

What a mess is this weekend and the same goes for the next days of course. Too many things to do, too many presents to prepare, too many friends to see....and even a messy week I still love it! And I think is the best week of the year! Usually we are on holidays, at least away from office, spending time with family and having fun with my daughter.

The past weekend I have to admit that we have done too many things...

- going to cinema with my hunny...I really enjoyed "Hobbit" ... I love Hobbit and Lord of the Rings of course. But I most enjoyed being out just the two of us..well couples need to spend a few moments without kids...don't you think?

- Scrabooking with my princess, preparing the Christmas Wish Cards for our friends. Hopefully I will have a post about this.

- And a wonderful Christmas party for kids, organized by my hubby's company. Great time with songs and games and biscuit painting and face painting! My princess really enjoyed it!

and the Christmas week just started.... I wish all of us to have wonderful memories, full of smiles and laughs and people we love with us!

       mats mouts
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