Already two weeks....

have passed with my prince in my life! Two beautiful weeks and at the same time full or new memories and feelings and nerves and stress and...

but also it is really amazing how your life change and how I feel full right now. I have two wonderful kids and a beautiful family. Of course there are issues... my princess has some moments full of jealousy, but we try to make her feel unique and to accept her brother. I think so far we are doing great! She helps me to clean him, to dress him up, to make his bath. And when I feed him, she also feeds her dolls! It is actually very funny!

Sometimes I do feel very stressed and really tired. But then I think about moms having more than 2 kids (really how difficult is that?) and at the same time that all of this tiredness is for something gorgeous and worth it.

So smile and keep "feeding" !!!! 

        mats mouts
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