Six Stars and two games!!!

I have to admit...I am feeling like a kid today! and that's why I want to share gifts to my beloved followers and to six amazing bloggers. So two games for this week...

1. I have posted yesterday a tutorial for crafting Cord Ring. The game? Leave a post and share the tutorial to your social media (facebook or twitter or pinterest or g+) and you might be the lucky to win it. Winner will be announced next Wednesday  5-04-2014!

So just leave a comment on diy: Cord Ring post and of course do not forget to inform me about your email!

2. The second game is actually a game just for me. I have chosen 6 beloved bloggers, that I have never meet them in person and I have crafted 6 necklaces from Ef Zin Creations collection. The necklaces are different only in color.

 The game? I tried to send them the necklace with the color I think it is best for them. How? I tried to "understand" them as I was reading their posts, comments or by their pictures and  colors in their blogs. So whenever the packages will reach their destinations, I will explain my thoughts. 

This is a great challenge and I really enjoying it! Hope I will be right :)

mats mouts for now and do not forget to comment and share the tutorial!
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