Sweet Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I know..there are many people that do not like this specific day and I have to admit that even thought I believe that you do not need to have a specific day to express your Love, well I do enjoy it, especially when I am having chocolate!!!

1. Heart Biscuits  2. Chocolate Cherry Biscuits  3.Chocolate Filled Raspberries
 4. French Toast

It is beautiful to express your love and your feelings every single day, but it is also beautiful that there is a specific day to celebrate Love. So even if you are not fan of Valentine's Day, I am sure you will love chocolate and the desserts you can taste today. That's why this post is full of sugar and chocolate and....too many calories! 

Enjoy this day and taste as many chocolate as you can!!!! I have already a chocolate cake in my kitchen...

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