Unique Trinket Dish!!!!

{ Guest Post from Dimitra}

Hello my friends!!!!

The past days I had the chance to meet and follow more beautiful blogs like the one that Dimitra has. I have to admit that I do not know anything about Home Decor, so reading Decor Asylum is really helpful! Beautiful Home Decor proposals, gorgeous tutorials, helpful tips and many more!

So Dimitra was really kind to write a wonderful tutorial about crafting a Gorgeous Trinket Dish for your jewelry and not only! 


Hello everybody!

 I'm Dimitra from Decor Asylum and Zina was very kind to invite me to her beautiful blog so as to share with you a very easy diy trinket dish, perfect for your jewelry, keys and other nick nacks.

Shall we begin?


Step 1: Work the clay to soften it up and spread it out to a somewhat circular shape (or whatever shape your plate mold is). Thickness should be around 1 cm.

Step 2: Place lace over the clay and go over it  with the rolling pin.  Try to do this in one go, taking the rolling pin all the way to the edge of the clay to avoid differences in thickness

Step 3: Place your plate upside down on the clay and press firmly. Remove excess clay.

Step 4: Do not worry about the ragged edges and/or any bumps on the surface !

Step 5: Gently lift the clay up and place it on the plate. Press gently to give the flat clay the shape of the plate.

Step 6: Walk away and leave it to its peace until hardened ( I know it's hard)! You will know that the clay hardened by the change in color (hardened clay turns white)

Step 7: After the top is hardened, turned it over, so the bottom of the dish hardens too.

Step 8: Repeat Steps 4 & 6

Step 9: Sandpaper to the rescue! Gently go over the edges and the surface of the dish to smooth out the clay.

Step 10: Place your items  and enjoy your new & unique diy dish.

And in case you prefer a more visual step by step, here are some photos of the whole process.

 Easy right?

Now, if you are like me and like to take risks on newly made items experiment, gather your acrylic paints and glossy varnish spray and give this baby some color!

I really hope you enjoyed  this easy diy and give it a try & of course a big thank you to Zina for having me over.

Have a great day!


I have done already one for myself! It is a gorgeous project and the dish is really helpful! 

So just spend a few seconds and visit Decor Asylum for more amazing posts!

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Thank you Dimitra!!!!
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