Are you ready for a Coffee Break????

Hello my friends!!!

The past two days were really messy in my life, with my princess sick and with many nerves and for me with almost 4hours sleep. Perfect ha? But ok...I will manage to organize my program again!

Today I would like to present you a new game that is going to be active tomorrow and it will be active every Thursday

But first let me write a few of my thoughts please. The past days I have received too many beautiful gifts and wishes for my new baby from ladies that I know them only via their blogs. I have chatted a lot with many of them and we have exchanged ideas, thoughts, opinions about our blogs, about our lives and not only. I laughed a lot and they were made my day!

This is why I love blogging. Not only because I like to write down everything of my taste, like recipes,tutorials, fashion posts and many more, but mostly because I love having conversations with my followers. Relaxing and enjoying conversations and meeting other people is really amazing! Don't you think? That's why I will try this game!!!!

So... every Thursday I will have a post for chat and not only. Every week a question is going to be active and everyone that want to participate, she/he can add a comment answering the question. If you do not understand what I mean, just remember the questions in the albumen we got kids. Stupid or not questions, we will try to have fun and to get known each other. 

Questions will not only be just for real life, but also about our blogs. And if you do not have blog, about your facebook page or your pinterest or just your opinion! Back links are allowed of course. Comments can be written in both English or Greek...feel free about that.

As you may understand, this is not going to be just a link party but a chat and link party. The point is to have fun, to relax, to laugh, to have a great time participating or while reading other people comments. You may visit other blogs or social media just to know more people. None is forced to follow anyone...this is a fun game!

So just to be prepared, for tomorrow there will be two different questions. The first one is your opinion/vote about the game's banner and the second one is going to be about us. Are you curious????

So the banners that are already created are the following. I have to thank Dimitra from DecorAsylum for her precious help!!!!

I forgot to mention that occasionally, the questions in the game will be your questions and of course that we will have bloggers that can host this game in their sites. We will organize them soon!

Last but not least... for the games of previous week the winner of the Cord Ring , as it was chosen by, is Eleanna A. 

So cya tomorrow!!!!
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