Coffee Break...and Chat #1

I am really excited!!! Coffee Break and Chat game begins!!! 

Just let me summarize up the rules... actually there are no rules just tips:

-  This game/chat party is opened to everyone, even if you are not a blogger. Use another social link if you wish or just join us for a chat!
-  Please feel free to add a comment in Greek or in worries
- Backlinks to your blog or social media (in case you are not a blogger), are always welcome!
- You may comment other people stories...this is a chat remember?
- None is forced to follow others! However it would be nice if you just visit each other blogs...who might like what you read!
- If you would like to suggest a question for this game, please feel free to do it. We are having a coffee and we are discussing like friends :) 

I do not know if I forget anything, but I will always update the game every week. So let's start. For today there are two different questions:

Question 1:

Dimitra from DecorAsylum was really kind to create the following banners for the game. I love them all and it is really hard to choose. So please help... vote your favorite and add the number of it in your comment.

Question 2:
I was thinking for another question, but since this is our first chat/link party I think it is better to know something about you. So let's use botany (it's Spring, remember?) and....

Get your coffee or whatever you like to drink and a piece of cake and relax!!! Let's have fun and let's get known each other!!! 

Last but not least... thank you all for participating in my Coffee Break party!!!

       mats mouts
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