Coffee Break...and Chat #2

Hello my friends!!!

It is already Thursday and another Coffee Break and Chat is here! I am very excited because last week's game was really great! Too many new friends, too many opinions and funny answers in the question about the plants. Thank you all for participating!

Just as a reminder, you can find the rules for the game here.

New week, new game, new additions... let's see... with your help a banner for the game has been chosen and Dimitra from DecorAsylum was really kind to create the final one! thank you once more Dimitra. On the right slide bar of my blog you can grab the link's party button if you wish.

Additionally, next week's game will be hosted to DecorAsylum blog by Dimitra with her own question. The link of the game in my blog will automatically lead to the game of the host's blog. If you wish to be a host , please email me at The point of doing that is to meet more blogs and to have more people to join the game, because it is fun to chat and having conversations with blogger friends.

Finally, a board about the game is created in pinterest called Coffee Break and Chat. Every link of you in the game it will be pinned in the board. If you wish you may follow it!

Now let's start. For today I have a request and a question.

Question: I have chosen a question that has been proposed by Bonnie Frank in the #1 game...

Since we are from different countries, a small description of the reality show (and not just the name) would be really helpful!

- Request: Please add you favorite tutorial! If you do not have any in your blog, you may add your favorite tutorial from another blog.

 I am really curious to read more about creations....

So grab a cup of coffee and a piece of delicious cake and let's chat!!!!

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