Monday Moodboard: Vintage full of music!

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Good Morning my friends and happy new week!

How was your weekend?? Mine was simply amazing!!!! Two of my greatest friends got married and after the wedding we had great time in a small tavern. The food was delicious, the wine was excellent, the friends were having fun and the music was sooooo great! Rembetika if you know them...if you don't just let me give you and idea...

one of my favorite songs..reminds me so beautiful memories from the university season. Something vintage, something sweet from the past! The wedding was so simple, just like being with friends and going out for a wine and mezedes. Amazing exodus...My best wishes to the happy couple!

And on Sunday, my place was full of friends with their kids. We enjoyed delicious food and great sweets and of course coffee!!! The past two days the weather is really rainy, but we had so great time that actually I do not bother at all!!!

Have a wonderful new week!
post signature that I am reading my post again, our weekend was full of food!!!! I have to do something about it!!!!

PS2... I have crafted also a wishing card and two gifts for the groom and the keep in touch with my blog! new tutorials are in progress....

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