Monday Moodboard: Bunnies and Eggs everywhere!!!

Hello my friends!!!

Happy Monday and Happy New week!!! How was your weekend? mine? full of beautiful moments with my family...we enjoyed a birthday party, a coffee with great friends and a theater with my daughter... and we started the preparations for Easter!!!

1.Stenciled Easter Eggs 2. Printable Easter Basket Tags 3.Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs 4. Eggs with Embroidery Stitches 5.Decorative Eggs with paint and ribbon 6.String Easter Eggs

That's why my mood today is full of eggs and bunnies!!! 

1.Bunny Slippers 2.Easter Bunny Doll 3. Bunny Garland 4.Bunny Necklace
Easter Bunny Cupcake Fondant Toppers 6.Foam Cup Bunnies

Of course we have just started... we have to finish painting the eggs and the Easter Candles for our godchildren and the wishing cards for our beloved friends! It is fun since my princess helps me a lot...or at least she tries hardly! 

So...are you ready for Easter????

       mats mouts
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