Ombre Embroidered Canvas

Hello my friends!!!

Are you ready for Easter??? Well I am not...

Anyway...remember my good friends that got married last weekend? I have already posted a tutorial for the Wishing Card I made with Washi tape, so now is the time to see my first present. An ombre Embroidered canvas for their bedroom! And I got his idea from my friend Maria and her amazing creations on small canvas!

- Canvas
- Painting Brush
- Color of your choice (two colors)
- Embroidery thread or cord
- Needle
- Coloring Pencil

Let's start.

In order to make the ombre color effect in you canvas, start with the one color from the bottom edge and every time add a little from the second color, mix it and paint again. When you reach the upper edge, you will use only the second color.

Leave the canvas to dry first. 

Use a colored pencil at the same tone with your thread and write your message!

Needle and thread and start sewing

Your small ombre piece of art is ready!!!

I liked this procedure, so currently I am preparing two small canvas for my godchildren...hopefully I will show them in a few days!

    Happy Crafting!!!!
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