Dimitra the Woodland Dreamer and a Winner!

Another giveaway is ended and I am really glad for a couple reasons!
First because this giveaway was a great opportunity to have once more my friend Dimitra to my blog, but this time to share with you her amazing creations! A really talented lady! Secondly because I am really glad and honored that Dimitra answered a few questions and we had a great mini interview...yes Dimitra does not talk much about herself! 

 I hope you enjoyed also this post and her creations...I am sure you did! 

But again, this giveaway ended and a lucky winner has to be announced....so the rafflecopter has chosen....

 Congratulations Dora Lappa!!!! We will contact you soon!!!

Just do not forget to admire Dimitra's creations work in her blog and facebook and not only!

       mats mouts
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