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I am really happy to start this category of posts about handmade. Yeap this is my first "Handmade Love" and I hope you will enjoy it! Let's talk about Home Decor, about sewing, about Oriental and vintage style! You know...the romantic one that personally I adore! Laces, beautiful embroidery, amazing beads, wonderful hoop art for the wall... a style of art that reminds as Middle East and Sehrazat and exotic places! Every time I see Humayrah creations, I feel in my ears the beautiful music from Korsakov! Like being in "1001 Nights"!!!

Είμαι πολλή χαρούμενη που ξεκινάω μία νεα κατηγορία αναρτήσεων με αφιερωμα στο χειροποιητο. Ω ναι, αυτή είναι η πρώτη μου αναρτηση "Handmade Love" και ελπίζω να την απολάυσετε! Οπότε ας μιλήσουμε για διακόσμηση, για κέντημα, σχετικά με το Ανατολίτικο και κάτι από το παρελθόν στυλ! Ξέρετε... αυτό το ρομαντικο που προσωπικά λατρεύω! Δαντέλες, ομορφα κεντήματα, καταπληκτικες χαντρες, υπέροχα τελαράκια κεντημένα... ένα στυλ που θυμίζει κάτι από Μεση Ανατολή και Σεχραζατ και εξωτικά μέρη! Κάθε φορά που θαυμάζω τις δημιουργίες της Humayrah, νοιώθω την καταπληκτική μουσική του Korsakov! Σαν να είμαι στις "1000 και μία νυχτες"!

Mario The Mushroom

Like the best things in my life, The Olde Sewing Room came about quite unexpectedly. I never really wanted to open my own Etsy store but after a lot of pestering from friends, I realised that it was a natural progression in my career.

Contemplation of the dust

I began embroidering at the age of 14 after seeing my grandma lovingly make crocheted gifts for friends and family. I have fond memories of spending my school holidays in her home, the duck egg blue walls, hand-dyed silk saris that neatly lined her wardrobe, even the soft  floral scent of her saris are still fresh in my mind.  

Goldwork Embroidery Feather
After studying fashion at university, I was blessed with the opportunity to study Hand Embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework, in Hampton Court Palace.  During the 2 year course I developed my skills in traditional Hand Embroidery techniques like Goldwork and Silk Shading and it was here that I discovered my love and appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship. 


Why I love handmade:

Over the years I have collected many textiles and embroidery materials from my travels to India, Dubai, Tunisia and Thailand. I purchase them thinking that I will use them soon but cherish them for years in its pristine, untouched packaging without using them. But years later I will find a use for it and try to unearth it amongst all the other bits and pieces in my sewing room. 

Hand Embroidery Feathers

My favourite embroidery technique has to be Goldwork because of the way the metal threads vary in colour when seen in different lights and from different angles.

Dusty Miller
I've always loved discovering beautiful things- especially things handmade. Many of the treasures you'll find in The Old Sewing Room have a special story behind them. I often wander through the woods near my home, where I gather leaves, twigs, feathers and other things I can find to bring back home and preserve. 

Overly flowery

I also like to incorporate the treasures I find into my embroideries and with each piece I feel that a part of me has been embedded into my work. It is this part of me that I would like to share with others.


Moghul and Elizabethan inspired Bridal Dress

Let me still travel back to these amazing and romantic 1001 nights! Really, do you feel the same? 

Thank you Humayrah for your beautiful creations! Thank you also for sharing your thoughts with us!

Humayrah is really kind to offer a gift to EfZin friends... a discount of 15% from her etsy shop with coupon code EFZIN15 (expires 31st of May) ! I hope you will use it since I am sure you loved her creations!

 You can find "The Olde Sewing Room" in 
email : Theoldesewingroom@gmail.com 

Have a wonderful and romantic weekend!

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