Handmade Love : La Camera Felice!!!!

I have a secret to share with you...I have travelled to Fairy-Dream-Land! Oh yes, I have! And what was there???? too many beautiful creatures... but first let me start from the beginning! 

Έχω ένα μυστικό να μοιραστω μαζι σας... έχω ταξιδέψει στη Νεραιδο-Ονειρο-Χωρα! Ω ναι, εχω! Και τι ειχε εκει;;;; ήταν γεμάτη γλυκούλια πλασματακια... αλλα καταρχήν ας το πάρουμε από την αρχη!

I was walking yesterday with a cup of coffee on my hand and  listening my music (going back home from work...actually this is really great time of the day!) and I heard him... "Hello! I am Charlie! I am funny. Nice to meet you".  I got surprised... a dog that can talk? And dressed like that? Really, isn't cute? "Would you like to join me to a trip to Fairy-Dream-Land?" Ok...ok... I was awake... this is not happened in my dreams, believe me! So I followed him! I closed my eyes and I got transferred to another place!

Περπατούσα εχθες με ένα καφεδάκι στο χερι και ακούγοντας μουσικη (γυρνούσα σπίτι από τη δουλεια...η καλύτερη ώρα της ημερας!) και τοτε τον ακουσα..."Γεια σου! Είμαι ο Charlie! Είμαι αστείος. Χαιρομαι που σε γνώρισα". Εξεπλάγειν... ένας σκύλος που μιλάει; και ντυμένος ετσι; Δεν ειναι γλύκας; "Θέλεις να έρθεις μαζι μου  στη Νεραιδο-Ονειρο-Χωρα;" Οκ... το τσεκαρα, δεν κοιμόμουν και δε συνέβει στα ονειρα μου, πιστεψτε με! Οπότε τον ακολουθησα! Εκλεισα τα μάτια μου και βρεθηκα εκει!

 Cute blue hair girls was playing around, super allien was flying around, worms eating around, sheeps was singing around...and in the middle was Irene smiling at me! La Camera Felice was the Fairy-Dream-Land... and everyone can go there!!!!

Γλυκούλια κοριτσάκια με μπλε μαλλια επαιζαν τριγυρω, υπερηρωας εξωγηινος πετούσα τριγυρω, σκουλήκια ετρωγαν εκει κοντα, πρόβατα τραγουδούσαν... και στη μέση η Ειρήνη να μου χαμογελα! Το La Camera Felice ήταν η Νεραιδο-Ονειρο-Χωρα και όλοι μπορούν να πάνε εκει!!!

 Hi, I am Irene and I love making art for kids because while creating I am entering a world where everything is possible. Kids are my inspiration and like them, I get bored easily so I like learning new things whenever there is an opportunity. 

Recently my interest turned into making dolls and this love is definitely going to stay along with painting.

 "La Camera Felice" means "The Happy Room". Why this title? It came up spontaneously because, in my mind, the ideal room should be full of colors, laughs, sweet dreams and art creations of course.

 Because every handmade creation is unique and made by soul with love. It’s an expression of positive energy and how can you say no to that?


Rudolf is here... we are going to Fairy-Dream-Land for a tea and cookies...anyone wanna join us??? Just be prepared... you will see too many cute creatures!!!!

And if you wish to find more information for this trip, just click below
facebook:   La Camera Felice

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