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Winter Night Art

Yesterday night I managed to create the red wine with spices I have told you about. Amazing drink...I was enjoying a glass of it, sitting by the fireplace and just admiring the lights of the Christmas tree. And then I saw it....

Χθες το βράδυ κατάφερα επιτέλους να ετοιμάσω το ζεστό κόκκινο κρασί με τα μπαχαρικά που σας έλεγα. Καταπληκτικό ποτό... απολάμβανα λοιπόν ένα ποτήρι, δίπλα στο τζάκι, χαζεύωντας τα φωτάκια του Χριστουγεννιάτικου δεντρου. Και τότε το είδα...

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Ornament

The small cute brown fawn on my tree was smiling at me! No...it was not the wine...Ι haven't even tasted it by that time. I closed my eyes and opened them again...the fawn was still smiling at me! "Hello" he told me (it was a boy as you guess!), "Do you love white Christmas? Come and join me in a small trip... to Winter Wonderland!". Ok..I do not know what would be your reaction, but I start laughing! "Why do you laugh? Winter Wonderland exists...and you, even if you are not a kid, will feel like being a child again! No worries, no problems, no tiers...just laughs and good fun and cute creatures and candies and... you never know... you might meet also Santa Claus!". I stopped laughing and I make my mind... I was missing feeling like a child again, so I followed him... and it was amazing! In a magical place where Christmas are white and fairytale and full of joy!!! Dimitra had done a really great job!!!!!

Το μικρό γλυκούλι καφέ ελαφάκι που είχα στο δέντρο μου χαμογελούσε! Όχι...δεν ήταν το ποτό...αφού δεν το ειχα καν δοκιμάσει μέχρι τότε. Έκλεισα τα μάτια και τα άνοιξα πάλι... το ελαφάκι συνέχιζε να μου χαμογελάει! "Γειά σου" μου είπε (ήταν αγόρι!), "Αγαπάς τα λευκά Χριστύγεννα; Έλα μαζί μου ένα ταξιδάκι... στον Μαγευρικό Κόσμο των Χριστουγεννων!". Εντάξει, δεν ξέρω τι θα κάνατε εσείς, αλλά εγώ άρχισα να γελάω! "Γιατί γελάς; Υπάρχει ο μαγικός αυτός κόσμος... και ακόμα και για σένα που δεν είσαι παιδι πλέον, θα νοιώσεις όμως σαν παιδι ξανα! Χωρίς ανησυχίες, χωρίς προβήματα, χωρίς δάκρυα... μόνο γέλια και πολλή διασκέδαση και γλυκούλια πλασματάκια και ζαχαρωτα και...ποτέ δεν ξέρεις... μπορεί να γνωρίσεις και τον Άγιο Βασίλη!". Σταμάτησα να γελάω και το πήρα απόφαση... μου έλειπε να νοιωθω παιδι ξανα και τον ακολουθησα και ήταν πανέμορφα! Σε ένα υπέροχο μέρος όπου τα Χριστουγεννα ήταν λευκα και παραμυθένια και γεμάτα χαρα!!!! Η Δήμητρα είχε κάνει απίστευτη δουλεια!

Miniature Ceramic Owl

If I had to use 3 words to describe myself and what I make they would be: creation embraces contrast. I am full of contrasting qualities; harsh, soft, sentimental, logical and my creations are exactly the same. A mix n match of modern with old, bold with neutral, simple with intricate, that in the end look balanced & pretty. At least in my eyes... 

Christmas Diorama

My home could be no different from myself. Chinese antique style furniture meets sleek couch, meets vintage looking tray with modern accents, all in a beautiful mess, like a nuthouse -thus the "Asylum" part- until they all find their place and look beautiful.

Bear Art

 Living in a rental also means that you have to face quirks and issues a place have grown into, so, yeah, Asylum is definitely the word to describe our house! As for the "Decor" that's easy: I am addicted to decorating ;) The blog "Decor Asylum" predates my Etsy shop and I couldn't find a more appropriate name for a shop that sells decorative items with mix n match aesthetics. 

Fawn Art
I love handmade because, in all honesty, I am too proud and a bit selfish to settle with copy paste(s). Handmade items are by definition unique and cannot be reproduced. Even the slightest movement when making something by hand gives it a totally new character and that is what makes it so special. You are sure that whatever you are using/wearing/looking at is totally unique and no other person has the exact same thing!

Whale Nursery Decor Art

Christmas are a great season for all...you do not need to be a kid, but to feel like one! And this year I am planning to follow this mood.... so Merry Christmas my friends!!!!!

Τα Χριστουγεννα είναι μία υπέροχη εποχή για όλους..δε χρειάζεται να είσαι παιδί, αλλά νοιωθεις σαν παιδι! Και φέτος έχω σκοπό να παραμέινω με αυτή τη διάθεση... Καλές Γιορτές φίλες μου!!!

I know you will love Dimitra's creations! You can check them out in: 

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